Austria’s Donauinsel Island, DWW Beach Wrestling Memories

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Beauty should be rewarded. As often as we can, we should acknowledge that.

To do so is not shallow.

One of the most beautiful regions in the world that possesses an abundance of stunning beauties in the Danube region in Austria.

Gorgeous Models, Actresses, Grapplers and Session Girls abound.

It’s enough to make you want to produce a pageant for the world to see.

Austria’s Next Topmodel is an Austrian reality television series based on Tyra BanksAmerica’s Next Top Model, which sees a number of aspiring models compete against each other in a variety of competitions to determine who will win the title of Austria’s Next Top Model, along with other enticing prizes with the hopes of a successful career in the modeling industry.

The eighth season aired on the second week of November 2017.

Larissa-Antonia Marolt is an Austrian fashion model and actress. She was the winner of the first cycle of Austria’s Next Topmodel. After her victory she also participated in the fourth season of Germany’s Next Top Model, where she was placed eighth.

Isn’t she lovely?,, ATV photo credit


We love the Danube region and in our competitive female submission wrestling world, the beautiful DWW Girls who wrestled in Austria near the Danube inspired us to salivate over what the Austria has to offer.

Especially when they wrestled on the beach.,, DWW Galaxy Photo Credit

Those matches are DWW Classics.

Have you ever attended a high school reunion on the beach? Sounds like tremendous fun.

When the DWW girls wrestled each other on the beach in this classic video, it speaks to one incredible reunion of sorts.

Gorgeous Luzia the great was there. She didn’t have an easy time of it either.

She begins on the sandy beach by taking on Barbara and Joanna, a star from the DWW Classic era.

Here is a review. “If some fans don’t know that Joanna was one of the best submission wrestlers in the ‘golden era’ of DWW releases, they should first watch DWW-181 (Part 1/DWW Movies) from the great Wrestling Island series (DWW 174-181).

Joanna special DWW-405 shows that she’s not only a strong and skilled competitor with a fit and attractive body, but she has so much fun with wrestling, because she really enjoys the competition and the physical contact with her opponents. You can learn to enjoy watching Joanna’s matches since she’s smiling and joking even during fights which are tough sessions for her.”

Typically when we’ve seen Luzia vs Barbara matches, Luzia dominates the statuesque brunette.

Not this time however.

The two beauties battle it out and it is Barbara who pins Luzia.,, DWW Galaxy Photo Credit

The video continues with Luzia taking on Joanna.

Pound for pound Joanna is a tough Danube grappler but when Luzia is on her game, as she is here, Joanna doesn’t stand a chance.

This is Luzia’s to win. The sand flies and the gorgeous Czech blonde soars.

The video continues with Kriszta taking on Barbara. The classic tanned girl with the golden hair should be the favorite over Barbara. Early on she does dominate the match, even making Barbara ask for a timeout because she has swallowed too much sand.,, DWW Galaxy Photo Credit

Once she gets her sea legs back under her, Barbara does make a match of it and puts lots of pressure on Kriszta.

The next beach battle begins with Barbara vs Joanna and in the beginning, Joanna is running and rolling away with the match. Barbara is a veteran and does not give up. This match goes down to the wire.,, DWW Galaxy Photo Credit

This video is a true classic.

While the DWW Girls of the Golden Era have long retired, there is a beach in Austria along the Danube that is still attracting and full of life.

Donauinsel, otherwise known as Danube Island is a wonderful place to visit. You can just feel the good old DWW days when you saunter along the sand.

The Donauinsel is a long, narrow island in central Vienna, Austria, lying between the Danube River and the parallel excavated channel Neue Donau (“New Danube”).

To most visitors, the island is known as a recreational area with bars, restaurants and nightclubs. It has sports opportunities from rollerblading, cycling and swimming to canoeing. There is one beach that, in its beginning, felt so exotic that it was soon nicknamed the “Copa Cagrana” as a humoristic allusion to Rio de Janeiro‘s Copacabana.

Like the DWW Girls, very sexy.

The Donauinselfest is an internationally well-known annual open air festival, and Europe’s biggest event of this kind, with over 3 million visitors.

This new DWW recreation area serves another extremely important purpose.

The main purpose of the island is to be part of Vienna’s highly sophisticated flood protection system. As the river Danube crosses the city (before major extensions: passed nearby), this has been a constant concern over hundreds of years.

That is great to know, but we still want to focus on having fun.

At the informative regional site, they welcome you with a myriad of ideas, “Bathing, boating, cycling, skating, beach volleyball – or treating yourself to a picnic as a rest from sightseeing: A visit to the Danube Island promises fun, action and relaxation for the entire family.,, photo via

The 21 kilometer long Danube Island is not only the favorite recreational region of the Viennese, it is also an unforgettable experience for visitors to Vienna. The Danube Island can be reached from the city center in just a few minutes via the subway lines U1 and U6. An expansive network of trails invites the athletically inclined to hike, jog, cycle and skate. Bathing areas with flat beaches as well as natural bathing sites, a water slide, a surfing school, a water ski lift and a boat rental service offer plenty of opportunities for fun on and in the water.”

That sounds like sandy and fresh air fun.

The freely accessible beach of fine gravel is protected by a number of small islands just off shore, the maximum water depth is one meter and the sunbathing areas on the shore have a soft incline toward the water.

We loved watching the DWW Girls wrestle on the beach as tourists and natives alike relaxed at the beach.,, DWW Galaxy Photo Credit

We all need a day at the beach.

Especially when there is so much beauty around.

It is not shallow to appreciate it.

We can never have enough beauty in this world.

The stunning DWW Girls wrestling on the beach, back in the sunny day, is proof of that.,, DWW Galaxy Photo Credit

~ ~ ~

Opening photo via Krone


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