Atlanta Session Girl Dominique Danger, Sexy JiuJitsu, Wrestling Star

Main Article / February 26, 2019

Athletic mats neatly constructed look like a cohesive large marble floor. The Fem Competitors are adorned in matching dark singlets and MMA tops. The ground fighting is top notch and it should be.

They are there to show their art and they show it well.

The organization that allows them to showcase their abilities is named Show The Art.

“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.”… Ralph Waldo Emerson

At their inspirational site they share their thinking. “The philosophy of show the ART is… to show the ART.  Showcase the organic, raw expression of one’s artistry – nothing more, and nothing less.  It is a brand, a company, but foremost, a mindset steeped in showcasing your artistry to the max.

Our mission with this site is to provide an educational, motivational, platform within the realms of martial arts, yoga and fitness.”

For those of us who love the female submission wrestling industry, we have come to realize it is filled with female artists who grapple and can also provide artistic sessions designed to enhance our mixed wrestling experience.

There’s more.

They add, “The STA Academy is an instructional resource providing Brazilian JiuJitsu, submission grappling, yoga and fitness videos to enhance and supplement your martial journey.  Limber up with an amazing yoga flow, learn a super technique to catch your opponent’s off guard, while building some muscular endurance, all through the Show the ART Academy.”

Watching the girls compete and battle with their Brazilian JiuJitsu skills is wonderful to watch.

There are many beautiful women in our industry who are skilled in Brazilian JiuJitsu and equally skilled in providing memorable sessions.

One such beauty is Dominique Danger who sessions out of Atlanta.,, photo via

She is possesses a World Class Black Belt in Brazilian JiuJitsu under Grand Master Romero Jacare Cavalcanti, Hall of Famer and Founder of Team Alliance.

Dominique’s resume includes being a nationally ranked Olympic Weight Lifter, and world-renowned strength athlete under the Legendary John Coffee.

She’s also a world record holder in women’s powerlifting with the Global Powerlifting Alliance in the 90kg class.

Dominique is a seasoned athlete, highly accomplished in multiple strength disciplines and experienced in a variety of combat sports and fighting styles including but not limited to: Pro style, Greco, freestyle wrestling, Boxing, Judo, Muay Thai, Sambo, Catch wrestling and MMA.

Let’s visit her WB270 page and meet her.

Dominique Says: “Alpha Female Powerhouse and Mighty Muscle Muse with a unique set of skills, catering to gentlemen of all ages, ethnicities, weight, height, and level of experience. Witty, Sharp, Intelligent and Seductive, Dominique is so much more than just a highly accomplished athlete with national and international recognition. She is an experience. Massive, Sultry, Strong, yet Quick and smooth in her transitions between holds, executing flawless technique with utmost efficiency.

Articulate and educated, thus able to carry an intelligent conversation on a variety of topics in three different languages.

Dominique is also a lifestyle and Professional Practitioner of the SM arts, providing sessions with a kinky flair for the more adventurous characters out there.  This Supersized kitten loves to play games that display the efficiency with which she can overpower and dominate her opponent with minimal effort.

She is graceful, feminine, friendly, feisty, fun and takes immense pleasure and pride in what she does. Be considerate of this Lady’s time and Respectful of her as an athlete and entertainer when inquiring about any service you do not see listed as a specialty.”

That’s very impressive.

Cleary Dominique is a well-rounded Session Girl with a wide variety of interests.

There’s more.

“Dominique Danger holds a Dual MA, is a pro classical pianist, is well traveled, multilingual, multi-faceted and caters to high-society gentlemen who crave intellect in their sessions, along with a good tussle. Among her accolades are Gold at the Arnold Classic Superfights, Gold at the Europa Show of Champions, Gold at the Olympia Superfights, Double Gold at the IBJJF European Open, Gold at the IBJJF Masters World Gi as well as gold at Worlds Nogi. This alpha Female was also Ranked by USA Weightlifting among top ten superheavyweight female Weightlifters in the nation.”

Given her broad range of interests and skills, it opens the door to an expansive of the array of fantasies that you can discuss with her.

You can email her at:

Here are a few reviews from some of her very satisfied customers.

“We invited Dominique Danger to be the Guest of Honor at one of our Lifestyle Parties for a change of pace and to add something different. She put on a great display of power and stamina.  She put the beat down on everyone.  She gave her full attention during every match and was pleasant while doing so.  Even though all attendees were amateurish, she took care not to be too over powering.  She was generous with her time and made sure all potential participants got a chance to take her down.  She is short but built like a brick house. The time spent with her was well worth it.”

Here is another.

“Not only is Dominique a beautiful lady, she is also very bright and intelligent. She is extremely muscular/strong and handled my 170 lbs. with perfect ease. She had me under ‘holds’ where I could not escape and she tapped me every time. Being 3″ shorter than me I thought I would be able to throw her down in a semi-comp wrestling match……but not a chance! In a total of 5 encounters, she had me down and comprehensively tapped out in all of them…….she is very adept in wrestling skills!! The best part is her ‘raw’ strength which she displayed time and again in arm-wrestling (she put me down in less than 5 seconds!), fireman’s lift with 360 degree spins, wrestling encounters, holds and scissors galore! Dominique is the best wrestler and a strong-woman I have ever met. Besides a hard body, she has all the curves of a woman and is extremely feminine.”

We love what we are hearing. Don’t you? Her Brazilian JiuJitsu skills are just the beginning of the experience.

The female submission and Session Girl industry are filled with artists. They can show you their art while you paint a memorable canvass with them.,, photo via

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