Akela Vs Jane Grappling

Is there anything better than great food and a movie?


Prague is such a wonderful city to indulge in your culinary fantasies with cuisines from all over the world.

The Fierro Grill is a sandwich and culinary paradise with roots in Argentina.


Let’s meet them at granfierro.cz, “Gran Fierro is an authentic Argentinian Steak House and Cocktail Bar. It combines the love for premium steaks with the enjoyment of sophisticated drinks.

We cook our steaks and burgers on a Josper Grill. Our elaborated cuisine also includes creations from our Argentinian Chef as well as typical South American dishes.”

Gran Fierro is an authentic Argentinian Steak House and Cocktail Bar. It combines the love for premium steaks with the enjoyment of sophisticated drinks.

The reviews coming in are fantastic.

This one at tripadvisor.com made me salivate. “I am living and studying in Prague since almost 2 years now, and tried a lot of Burger Restaurants in Prague but I have to say that Fierro Grill, (now known as Havana Grill) makes the best Burgers in the whole City 🙂 If you will find yourself in this part of the City it is a MUST to eat…

Came across this quite little place owned by an Argentinian family. The menu was small but… I took the steak sandwich and from the first bite I was hooked. The meat was tender the bread just right and the whole combination of spices inside was perfect. Made me feel warm even though the temperature was only 3 degrees outside.”

Ah, the winter in Prague. Let’s get warm, go inside and enjoy what we love more than anything in the world.

Okay, you had a chance to dine. Now it’s time to watch a female vs female competitive movie.


By Zweig on Jan 27, 2016 08:36 pm

In FW-27 two Fight Pulse fan favorites, Akela and Jane  clash in an incredibly intense encounter, one of the best matches we have ever filmed, F/F or mixed.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, fightpulse.com photo credit

With this match Jane completely changed our view of her as a wrestler. In the pre-match interview Akela confidently said that she will be the winner of this match. We didn’t doubt that a bit. But by the end of round 1, no one thought it will be an easy match, including Akela. The pace with which she learns from her matches is something we have never witnessed, without exaggeration. It turns out, in only her third shoot with Fight Pulse, she can bring the fight to our best lightweight wrestlers, dictate the pace, and try and beat them. But Akela, of course, is not a pushover.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, fightpulse.com photo credit

What we supposed would be a more or less one-sided match, with Akela dominating her opponent most of the time, turned out to be an almost street-fight-paced incredibly intense and evenly competitive encounter. The pace and intensity was at the same level as our mini-championship final match, FW-21 Akela vs Zoe, one of our best-sellers. Heart and determination play a big role in the outcome of FW-27, as both opponents put each other to devastating scissor-squeeze tests.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, fightpulse.com photo credit

Akela is a naturally competitive wrestler, who has experience and patience on her side. Once she has her prey between her massive thighs, it is only a matter of time until they tap. Jane, on the other hand, lacks experience, but is a very quick learner, and faster than anyone we have seen on the mats. She also turned out to be a natural fighter, always on the attack, always aggressive, always experimenting with the holds she has learned.

Who takes this one then? Experience and calculation, or aggression and ingenuity? Find out today!

Match outline: introductory interviews, stare down, the match itself (15 minutes of action), and final interviews.

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