It’s Early In The Morning, She’s Watching You,

August 22, 2021,


What schedule?

That’s for working people. Not for the idle rich.

It’s not good to be idle, right? Says who?

Don’t we all hope to have that option in retirement? We can remain busy if we choose to but we also can be idle. The problem is that many of us, in retirement, won’t be rich. Or healthy.

Hard to be both. Make that all three. Even in retirement.

Better if it can happen when we’re young. Yes?,

Then we are not only healthy and strong but sometimes beautiful too. Then you can choose to be whomever and whatever you please. When you please. Where you please.

Being pleased.

Vanity Fare sang about that.

Yes, Vanity Fare, not Vanity Fair.

Fare enough?

Vanity Fare is an English pop rock group formed in 1966. Oddly enough, it wasn’t “Early In The Morning” that most people remember them by. They had the million-selling smash hit song, “Hitchin’ a Ride“, which became a worldwide blockbuster in 1970.

Probably placed them in a position to become part of the idle rich. If they chose to. We loved the lyrics.

“Evening is a time of day
I find nothing much to say
Don’t know what to do
But I come to

When it’s sunny in the morning
Over by the window, day is dawning
When I feel the air
I feel that life is very good to me, you know?
In the sun, there’s so much yellow
Something in the early morning meadow
Tells me that today you’re on your way
And you’ll be coming home, home to me.”

And you know what? When you are idle and rich, you don’t have to have much to say. Especially if you are dressed smartly and find yourself in a public space surrounded by beautiful women drinking overpriced coffee.

Best to remain silent.

They will admire you, fantasize and fill in the blanks. Especially if they are not part of the idle rich but wish to be.,

We have an associate in our circle who had the good fortune and genes to be very handsome at just the right time. Eighteen to nineteen years old. It also helped that he had the ultimate power job as a waiter at a teenage hang out restaurant where myriads of beautiful teenage girls would come in to celebrate their birthday and other milestones, with their girlfriends in tow.

That was so much fun. At night. Under the restaurant’s bright lights, surrounded by candy.

What he related, as we sat around on a sunny day in beautiful Northern California, drinking overpriced coffee and living the day resembling the idle rich, was how young beautiful people are treated differently.

Beautiful women attribute many positive qualities to you that may not actually be there.,

That being the case, it prompted him to do something from time to time.

Like the idle rich.

On a sunny calm day, he would simply walk down the street, with his shirt open displaying his washboard abs and have no destination in mind.

Just walk, eyes hidden behind cool sunglasses.

Like the idle rich.,

Sometimes the gorgeous girls drove down those same suburban streets in their stylish sports cars that daddy bought them and blew the horn at him, invited him into their car and took him to some hotel room to have youthful hormone driven sex.

Then never see him again.

Just like that.

No names necessary.

Don Draper experienced that. Sort of. More than once.

Mad Men is an American period drama television series created by Matthew Weiner and produced by Lionsgate Television. The series ran on the cable network AMC from July 19, 2007, to May 17, 2015, lasting for seven seasons and 92 episodes. Its fictional time frame runs from March 1960 to November 1970.

The team at AMC paint a picture so well, “Set in 1960’s New York City, Mad Men explores the glamorous and ego-driven “Golden Age” of advertising where everyone is selling something and nothing is ever what it seems.”

A perfect time to be idle, handsome and rich.

It was the episode titled the “Jet Set” that was such a guilty pleasure.

Our handsome hero Don takes a business trip to Los Angeles, where he socializes with some interesting new acquaintances, who appear to be rich.

And idle.

One in particular (Joy) is young and beautiful and can’t take her eyes off of him.

He’s handsome and doesn’t talk too much. We’ll make a note of that and file it away.

“Why would you deny yourself something you want?” Joy asks Don later that day.

Very good question.

The gorgeous girl convinces him to drive with her to Palm Springs, where her rich older friends are hanging out at an Architectural Digest masterpiece styled house.

As expected, he and Joy eventually make love.,

Do they fall in love?

That’s for people who are not idle and rich, because after all, an opportunity like this may not happen again.

For the idle rich, young and beautiful?

It happens all of the time.

Until they don’t want it to.

What played inside of our fantasy reel over and over was this feeling that every now and then, this is how life should play out. If we allow it to. Even plan for it.

Sunny California days, sensuous young women open to adventures with male eye candy and memories that will last a lifetime. Memories that can become so important when you are older, very busy and not as wealthy as you once were.

Perhaps not as healthy either.

So while you still can, especially if you are young, work on that body. Sculpt it to perfection.

Get a fresh haircut.

Purchase an expensive suit. Custom fit.

Saunter to a place where there are endless beautiful young women, with eyes of wonder, chatting on a sunny calm day. In the sun, there’s so much yellow.,

Buy some overpriced coffee and sit where you can be seen, relaxing as though you don’t have a care in the world. Don’t stare at them. Allow their eyes to caress you.

Whatever you do, don’t talk too much. To anyone.

Just sit there, like you’re young, rich and idle.

Do it now, while in your life, it’s still early in the morning.,

~ ~ ~